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Sizzle Reel

Pink Sneakers was founded by Kimberly Belcher Ehrhard in 2001. The company has a vision of creating entertaining, informative and thought provoking programming. The Pink Sneakers production team embraces that vision and has developed a unique style of storytelling that allows characters to tell their story from their point of view and in their voice. Pink Sneakers has produced a variety of successful shows for multiple networks while tackling hot topics. From music and pop culture, to medicine and health, and everything in between, Pink Sneakers has a unique ability to capture its subjects and keep viewers hooked. They are a one-stop, turnkey production company. The team not only creates and develops new show ideas, but is also a “go-to” team that takes great ideas from our clients and develops them into shows that surpass their expectations. Pink Sneakers is a group of enthusiastic producers who are known for producing high-quality, creative shows that deliver top ratings.