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OAKZ Media is the parent company for Pink Sneakers Productions, Big Vida Entertainment, and Open Water Studios. These three sister companies work hand in hand to produce fresh and thoughtful entertainment, from raw documentaries, award shows, to films and reality shows.



Pink Sneakers Productions was built on old school story telling with its roots cemented in raw documentary. Since we started in 2001 we have expanded our scope to reality formats and continue to develop the next frontier of characters, formats and subcultures. Click here to see our reel.



There are over 50 million Latinos in the US. What once was a niche is now a mainstream that fuels popular culture. BIG VIDA looks to serve the many tastes of this diverse audience, from reality, scripted, live events, long and short form content both in English and Spanish. BIG VIDA is all about authenticity with the highest production values, regardless of the medium. Big Vida has produced the ALMA awards the last 2 years as well as shows for El Rey, Telemundo, Oxygen and Travel Channel.



Open Water Studios is a full service production studio that specializes in providing production infrastructure and services for the unscripted, scripted and live television production companies. Open Water Studios provides complete back end production services and peace of mind for networks and production companies. We can not only help you deliver on schedule and budget the vision for your project but we can also provide you with an infrastructure for your company to grow and expand without the enormous expense of running a production company. Open Water Studios is the perfect partner for any production company who needs a network approved non creative production partner.

The Principals

John Ehrhard is the President and co-owner of Pink Sneakers and has been part of the driving force behind the company's success since it's beginning days. John was instrumental to the company's early hits such as Vh1's Hogan Knows Best and Brooke Knows Best, and continues to drive the day to day of the company and it's new hit projects.

Prior to Pink Sneakers John started his career on the set of the Mickey Mouse Club and worked his way to producing major live events from NASCAR’s Daytona 500 to Elton John and numerous concerts. He also produced shows for International political figures such as Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton and consulted for Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies on their media and strategic communications.


Kimberly began her career in television broadcast as a reporter and news editor at WUFT-TV in Gainesville, FL, where she also attended the University of Florida. Upon graduation, Kimberly accepted an internship with MTV Networks in New York City where she was quickly promoted through various positions within the News and Documentary department to become one of the network's leading producers. While with MTV Networks, Kimberly produced top-rated episodes for the series True Life, Cribs, UltraSound, and Sex 2K. After departing from MTV Networks, Kimberly founded Pink Sneakers Productions in Orlando, FL, with the intention of producing extraordinary reality and documentary programs with an edge. Pink Sneakers has since created a variety of successful productions for networks such as MTV, VH1, TLC, BRAVO, CMT, ABC and Jive Records.