OAKZ Media is the parent company of Pink Sneakers Productions and Open Water Studios, the creative force behind compelling documentary films, award shows, branded video, and highly-rated TV programs.

OAKZ Media creates entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking programming with a unique style of storytelling that allows characters to tell their story in their own voice from their point of view. OAKZ has produced a variety of top-rated shows for multiple networks while tackling hot topics. From music and pop culture, to medicine and health, and everything in between, OAKZ has a singular ability to capture its subjects and keep viewers hooked. We are a one-stop, turnkey production company. Our team not only creates and develops new show ideas, but is also a “go-to” group of producers that take great ideas from our clients and develops them into shows that surpass their expectations.


Weediatrics: A Covert Medical Mission is an upcoming film that follows a group of all-American families on their clandestine quest to acquire and use medical cannabis illegally to help their extremely sick children. These brave parents are now showing their face, risking everything, in the hopes of creating national legislative change.

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