CMT – My Big Redneck Vacation 1 – 3

CMT plucked the Clampets; a countrified, lovable, loud-mouth family from the swamps of Louisiana and let them unleash hell as they took over a four million dollar home in the Hamptons of New York. These four-wheelin’, mud slingin’, beer guzzlin’ rednecks learned how to live the high life and show the Yankees how they like to do things in the South. The Clampets enjoyed the true Hampton experience with wine tastings and polo lessons, but they also rubbed off on the locals!

This social experiment was so successful we took “country” to a whole other country when the Clampets went to England in the second season. They stayed in a 97-room, 900 year old palace where they enjoyed the luxury of being waited on by their own staff. England wasn’t the only country affected by our rowdy rednecks: they also went to Paris for a romantic weekend and the guys hunted the Lochness Monster in Scotland.

The Clampets came back to the states for the third season and went on a cross-country road trip to experience all the subcultures that make up America. From staying in mud huts with Navajo Indians to befriending a Muslim family in Dearborn, Michigan; this may have been the most shocking season yet! One thing is for sure: wherever they go, the Clampets are sure to bring the party with them!