CMT – My Big Redneck Wedding

We produced four seasons. That’s forty-two episodes of this half-hour laugh riot.

My Big Redneck Wedding gives a whole new meaning to “Shotgun Wedding”! After scouring the country to find the most down-home country couples, CMT documented their journey down the aisle, as outrageous and over the top as it might be. Each half-hour episode, hosted by Tom Arnold, features a different redneck wedding, each with its own rustic eccentricities, whether it is a four-legged best man, an ex-con preacher, a celebratory shotgun salute, or a reception filled with mattress surfing, mud wrestling, and a human fly trap. The series prided itself on being the complete opposite of all the hoity-toity, dull wedding shows soiling the airwaves; instead focusing on these carefree, outrageous, rowdy backyard bashes!