CMT – Redneck Rehab

At first glance there’s no question… they’re blue bloods through and through. They drive BMW’s, send their kids to private school, belong to respected country clubs and live in a fabulous city. Some have fine wine collections, some live for their golf outings with the guys and some have even adopted a vegan diet. They’ve painted the perfect picture of their life and their secret has remained safe until now…they grew up redneck!

However, the former redneck’s families are determined not to let the squirrel fall to far from the tree. They stage a secret intervention conducted by our Redneck Intervention specialist: Tom Arnold! Our former redneck is lured into a meeting room only to be confronted by his entire redneck clan and Tom. After listening to heartfelt letters, “your alienating yuppie lifestyle has affected me in the following ways…” we see a twinge of guilt wash over them as they realize they will have to face their roots, their past, and come to terms with the life and family they’ve long left behind. At the end of the intervention, the former Redneck reluctantly agrees to return home with their family for a fun filled reunion.

With their families in tow the former Rednecks descend upon the site of the family reunion. They are quickly bombarded with flashbacks of the ‘ole Redneck ways and the antics of their long lost relatives. We watch as the former Redneck family struggles to adjust to the new surroundings and fit in. We’ll see the determined Redneck family slowly warm up the former Rednecks to their way of life again by baptizing the kids in a mud bog, going out to hunt coon, and participating in the family smelly arm pit contest. Before they know it everyone is back into the ‘ole swing of things. The former Redneck realizes that the past has made them who they are today…and for the first time in a long time, they’re damn proud to be a redneck. Because family is family no matter how bad they may smell, what cars (or pick-up trucks) they drive or how little you can understand what they’re saying…no matter how far you move away or try to disguise it with designer clothes, hide it in a big house, or an alternate lifestyle choice…redneck is in their blood and there’s no denying it!