MTV – Wake Brothers

Sibling rivalry taken to the extreme… literally! WakeBrothers is a comedic reality series chronicling the complicated relationship between 23 year-old professional wakeboarder Phil Soven and his 20 year-old brother Bob. Phil is the #1 wakeboarder in the world who’s the epitome of stoic, successful, and business savvy. His one-man wolf pack personality is COMPLETELY opposite his younger brother Bob. Bob is a goofy, outgoing Ginger who’s more concerned with being number one in the hearts of the fans than number one on the podium. Bob loves coming up with outrageous ideas to get under his brother’s skin – from waking him up with a gospel choir to placing a dating ad for his brother on a giant billboard. The brothers live in Phil’s million-dollar pimped out bachelor pad in Windermere, Florida.

Each hour-hour episode follows the insane lives of these rivaling brothers. While Phil struggles to stay on top of his sport while balancing other interests and investments (girls, sponsors, co-owning his own bar), he’s forced to do it all while dealing with Bob’s self-proclaimed shenanigans. Bob, meanwhile, continues to establish himself in the wakeboard community while trying to be the life of the party, become a good “Ginger role model”, find love, and torment his brother! They live together, practice together, and compete together… but that’s about all they have in common!