Vh1 – Hogan Knows Best

Pink Sneakers produced four seasons and 44 episodes of Hogan Knows Best between 2005-2008. The series documented the trials and tribulations of Hulk Hogan away from the ring, doing his best to raise Brooke and Nick, his two teenage kids. The Hulkster was famously overprotective when it came to shielding his children from sex, drugs, and all the modern days concerns that plague parents today. Hulk lamented the fact that his daughter Brooke was dating and made every effort to intimidate and curtail any potential relationship! The show also chronicled Hulk’s struggle to find new hobbies in his post-wrestling life. Ultimately, Hulk made a huge sacrifice moving the family to Miami at the onset of the third season in an effort to help Brooke’s music career. Like many Americans, marriage didn’t come without ups and downs for Hulk and his wife Linda. The show documented counseling sessions between the two as they tried to save the marriage for their children. Through it all, the show is widely remembered for Hulk’s loving, creative, albeit overprotective, style of parenting…brother!